A sheikh who had plenty of sand

With oil revenue in a free fall, Persian Gulf states are turning to amusement parks focused on superheroes, cartoon characters and big roller coasters. And Gulf countries from Dubai to Doha are in a race to outdo each other, a nod to a future where less revenue will come from oil and gas.

(from the Wall Street Journal)


A sheikh who had plenty of sand

developed it into play land,

where sharia law

was such a big draw

they rarely cut off someone’s hand. 

When working at Kimberly-Clark

Armed with personalized goals for employees and large quantities of data, Kimberly-Clark said it expects employees to keep improving—or else. “People can’t duck and hide in the same way they could in the past,” said Mr. Boston, who oversees talent management globally for the firm.

 (from the Wall Street Journal)
When working at Kimberly-Clark
the atmosphere is rather stark.
To sit on your laurels
invites many quarrels,
or bites from a management shark. 

Sneaker Culture

“The facts are that most of the basketball shoes that we sell never see a basketball court. Most of the running shoes that we sell never see the roads or the trail or the track,” Chief Executive Dick Johnson said on a conference call. “They just look really good, and they’re part of the sneaker culture that we really support.”

(from the Wall Street Journal)

Nobody buys shoes anymore

for what they’re supposed to be for.

A statement in fashion

is ev’ryone’s passion.

(And barefoot’s the trend of the poor)


There once was a man from Stuttgart

A country branded by its dictatorial past, when surveillance was both dreaded and commonplace, Germany has some of the world’s toughest privacy laws. But after two attacks claimed by Islamic State and a mass shooting this summer, the government is pushing to recalibrate the balance between security and anonymity.  (from the Wall Street Journal)

There once was a man from Stuttgart

who said of surveillance, “Depart!”

“I wish to be free,

anonymously —

whenever I want just to fart!”

Ms Hillary has so much loot

from the Wall Street Journal:

The super PAC backing Democrat Hillary Clinton vastly outraised the outside groups supporting Republican Donald Trump in July, new Federal Election Commission filings show.

Ms Hillary has so much loot

twould make old king Midas quite mute.

The money that Pacs

spend on Trump attacks

would buy all the figs in Beirut. 



from the Wall Street Journal:

According to the U.S. Department of Justice,ransomware attacks have quadrupled this year from a year ago, averaging 4,000 a day, most of which go unreported. Typical ransomware payments range from $500 to $1,000, according to cyberrisk data firm Cyence Inc., but some hackers have demanded as much as $30,000. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles paid roughly $17,000 to unlock files in February, following an attack that crippled a large portion of the hospital’s computer systems.

 A company in Delaware
was victimized by ransomware.
They coughed up the dough,
but wouldn’t you know . . . 
they only got back the Lord’s Prayer. 

The Mormons out in Provo

The Mormons out in Provo, attract a lot of cranks;

some are just outsiders, and some are from the ranks.

But all of them have visions, believing they are right,

and most are good at barking, but never really bite.

They add a touch of relish to the humdrum daily grind,

so we can lose some tension as they slowly lose their mind. 

The Democratic Candidate is Like a Rubber Band

The Democratic candidate is like a rubber band;

pulled both right and left, just how much more can she expand

until she snaps back into place, the middle of the road —

where she’ll stay forever, never mind what kind of goad.

For presidents seek compromise like prospectors seek gold;

they very rarely find it, but they don’t quit till they’re old.