Najid Razak

Prime Minister Razak, Najid,

is rotten as twenty day squid;

he puts away boodle

like warm apple strudel,

and operates like Cap’n Kidd. 

Computer Systems Used by Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked, Apparently by Russians

from the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Computer systems used by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign were hacked in an attack that appears to have come from Russia’s intelligence services, a federal law enforcement official said on Friday.


The apparent breach, coming after the disclosure last month that theDemocratic National Committee’s computer system had been compromised, escalates an international episode in which Clinton campaign officials have suggested that Russia might be trying to sway the outcome of the election.

The Russian is good at payback;

whenever he’s under attack,

his cursor and mouse

will thoroughly chouse

all foes with a system-wide hack.

Both Parties Used to Back Free Trade. Now They Bash It.

from the New York Times:

Opponents of multilateral trade agreements, convinced that they have unduly harmed American workers, have enjoyed a stunning success that may signal a long-term political and policy realignment in both parties.

Free trade is an orphan despised 

where once it had been canonized. 

The candidates, too,

have told it to shoo;

huge tariffs are now idolized. 

Bernhardt Wickman III

from the New York Times:

He was a New York story because he didn’t have a lot and yet he gave a lot. And in return he got what New York for all its busyness so often offers those who could use a good dose of it — kindness. The city can be cold and aloof and you can live crunched amid its population and remain lonely and overlooked. You can also be someone unremarkable and be made to feel like Mr. Big Shot.

 Lift the callous sheet rock of this place they call New York;
you’ll find a buoyant soulfulness that pops up like a cork.
Aloof as any mountaintop, yet doing little things
that make the human driftwood sometimes feel like honored kings.
A doorman, or a barkeep, or no one you know at all,
may do a little kindness that can hush the daily brawl.
It doesn’t happen often, or at least only a sliver
of the goodness is observed here on the Hudson River . . . 

Seven Almonds

A president who does not ‘snack’

will keep us all safe from attack.

With just a few nuts

he shows he’s got guts;

if starving, he’ll add a Tic Tac. 

Just Say Nay

From the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—A stalemate in Congress over funding to combat the Zika virus will give lawmakers a scant two weeks in July to overcome differences that have only grown deeper and more partisan since President Barack Obama first requested the emergency money in February.


The masters of sloth and delay,

Congress just loves to say ‘nay’.

No matter the cause

they give it great pause

so they can talk hooey all day.

The Taser

a young man who bought a Schick razor

was zapped by police with a taser.

they thought him a threat,

but now they regret

his death, as they hold a fundraiser. 

The reason we’re shorter today

from the New York Times:

Average adult heights in many countries appear to have peaked 30 to 40 years ago and have declined slightly since then, according to a new study that the authors say is based on the largest set of such data ever gathered.

 The reason we’re shorter today
is cuz we munch on Frito Lay
instead of whole wheat —
so we grow petit,
that is, in our height; not sideway. 

Philadelphia: Michelle Obama Steals the Show

from the New York Times:

PHILADELPHIA — The Democratic National Convention began with the ouster of the party’s chairwoman, protests in the streets, disruptions on the convention floor and a torrential thunderstorm.


Philadelphia is known for thunder boomers that can bluster

worse than any politician, or George Armstrong Custer.

The Democrats have met in solemn conclave to produce

a candidate who must become the country’s golden goose.

Chaos threatens ev’ry second of their wild convention;

delegates are hard-headed, you might even say Laurentian.

But when the dust has settled, and the catchpoles all depart,

homeless people still will push around their shopping cart.

For as an ancient king once said: “Not much under the sun

that’s spoke at a convention is worth a hot cross bun.”