The study of gun play

The study of gun play transcends

relationships, eating, weekends.

The cure for this blight

is surely in sight;

(though the NRA always outspends)

Trump Visits Mexico

Trump crossing over the border

is surely a break made to order.

No matter the din,

don’t let him back in;

he can be Nieto’s new boarder. 

In Iowa nothing but corn

In Iowa nothing but corn

is planted; which leads to much scorn,

until comes the day

when voters hold sway — 

then they are loved like free porn. 

What managers want from their staff

Companies across the U.S. say it is becoming increasingly difficult to find applicants who can communicate clearly, take initiative, problem-solve and get along with co-workers.

(from the Wall Street Journal)

What managers want from their staff

is skill in obeying a graph.

Any free thinkers

are fitted with blinkers,

or discharged to join the riffraff. 


When bankers do meet on the street

Sink-throwing has joined sledgehammers, bullets, firepower and dry powder among the metaphors proliferating like kudzu around central-bank policy. Since the financial crisis, bankers have deployed a growing arsenal of unorthodox policy moves. In turn, that has required observers to invent a similarly unorthodox lexicon.

(from the Wall Street Journal)

When bankers do meet on the street,

with jargon each other they greet:

“Your blodgett okay?”

“It’s in Mandalay!”

It always means “Who can we cheat?” 


Some day those horses . . .

Ms. Holmes, a former journalist, is an equestrian family planner, part of a group of horse lovers who are trying to rein in the ballooning population of wild horses by plugging females with contraceptive darts. Toting air-powered rifles and patience for birth-control jokes, they scout western U.S. ranges for fertile fillies that threaten to overwhelm federal land-management programs that already are badly strained.

(from the Wall Street Journal)

Some day those horses in the wild will turn the tables, son,

and chase us down with dart guns just to have a little fun.

Too many humans roam about the country, they will neigh,

eating up the fodder, making babies in the hay.

So they will sterilize us from their drones up in the sky,

so the kingdom of the Houyhnhnms at last can multiply!


Air Ambulances

While ground ambulances can be regulated, Guy Dansie, emergency medical services program manager for the Utah Department of Health, points out that air ambulances fly right over state jurisdictions — and therefore are subject to little if any oversight, even if the company that operates them is based in Utah. The companies also don’t have to share cost information with the public or state regulators, he says.

(from the Salt Lake Tribune)

If down a steep canyon I dive,

don’t worry if I will survive.

I’d rather not live

with debt like a shiv 

that’s stuck in my back, tho I thrive. 

The beauty in always denying

The keynote speaker for Uintah County’s annual Uintah Basin Energy Summit is a controversial climate-change denier noted for right-wing propaganda and smear campaigns against scientists who warn about global warming.

(from the Salt Lake Tribune)

The beauty in always denying

that Mother Earth may be a-dying

is that your fan base

will not leave a trace

when seas start their boiling and frying.

My inbox is always o’erflowing

My Inbox is always o’erflowing; the emails come flooding nonstop.

It turns my whole office performance into nothing but a sweatshop.

I’ve tried using other devices to reach out to colleagues, but find

they do not respond to my Twitter or pay my voice mail any mind.

With shock I’ve concluded that people no longer do even know how

to talk to each other like humans, but chew cyber cud like a cow.