An ad-free world

From the Wall Street Journal:

As the global marketing industry gathers on the French Riviera for the Cannes advertising festival this week, there is an awareness that grabbing consumers’ attention is getting harder and more frustrating across nearly all types of media. People are avoiding print ads, skipping through TV ads and cutting cable subscriptions. Reaching them online is getting tougher, too, between the rising use of ad blockers and the many scams in which fake, computer-generated web traffic lures in ad dollars.

An ad-free world is what I want; ‘twould soothe my aching psyche

to never see another plug for pricey shoes from Nike.

Watches, cars, apparel; I am targeted to buy

more junk than I could ever use if I should never die!

And when I try to block the ads, those advertising devils

find new ways to bring their bilge before me on all levels.

The experts say that revenue from advertising pays

for our social media in many diff’rent ways.

If that’s the case, my resolution deepens and increases

to foil those ads until the loathsome selfie really ceases!

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