Apple Files Motion Opposing Order to Unlock iPhone


It started with an iPhone, then it escalated fast;

now the Feds desire all the details of our past.

Bank deposits, voting records, parking tickets, plus

do we have a discount pass when boarding any bus.

Have we been to AA, do our molars need repair,

what’s the size of dresses, shoes, and even underwear.

What denomination do we claim, and just what do we speak;

Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, or maybe ancient Greek.

Are we on a diet, must our meals be gluten free;

have we filed for very early (gasp!) Social Security.

Did we get good grades in high school; was our SAT okay.

In the shower do we sing “The Road to Mandalay”.

Each atom of our being now is scrutinized by those

who count the very hairs we have inside our very nose.

America is still the land of happiness and hope;

it’s just that we are all beneath a giant microscope!

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