April Fool’s Day in China


From the Wall Street Journal:

“Top-down Communist regimes are not known for their rollicking sense of humor. Building a perfect society is hardly a laughing matter, especially when hostile foreign forces are trying to undermine your efforts with lightness and frivolity.

In that spirit, China’s official Xinhua News Agency has issued a warning on its viewpoint commentary microblog that April Fool’s Day antics are “inconsistent with core socialist values” and at odds with Chinese cultural tradition.”


It’s April Fool’s Day once again in China, as the noise

of whoopie cushions threaten to destroy the nation’s poise.

The citizens in places like Beijing and quaint Guangzhou

are waving pink flamingos and setting out fake poo.

In Harbin and in Wuxi they sure haven’t any qualms

with rubber vomit or in detonating large stink bombs.

Hand buzzers are vibrating in cities like Ningbo,

and rubber chickens in Zhuhai have all begun to crow.

The biggest joke of all is that these trinkets are made — where?

No place else but China, where you cannot breathe the air!

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