Bernhardt Wickman III

from the New York Times:

He was a New York story because he didn’t have a lot and yet he gave a lot. And in return he got what New York for all its busyness so often offers those who could use a good dose of it — kindness. The city can be cold and aloof and you can live crunched amid its population and remain lonely and overlooked. You can also be someone unremarkable and be made to feel like Mr. Big Shot.

 Lift the callous sheet rock of this place they call New York;
you’ll find a buoyant soulfulness that pops up like a cork.
Aloof as any mountaintop, yet doing little things
that make the human driftwood sometimes feel like honored kings.
A doorman, or a barkeep, or no one you know at all,
may do a little kindness that can hush the daily brawl.
It doesn’t happen often, or at least only a sliver
of the goodness is observed here on the Hudson River . . . 

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