Campaign Ads, Even More Than Before, Bolster TV Stations

From the Wall Street Journal:  “Political revenue is expected to jump 150% this year from last at KCRG in Cedar Rapids, the top-ranked station in the second-largest media market in Iowa, according to national sales manager Steve Lake. Larger Des Moines stations are expecting an overall revenue increase of as much as 25% from last year . . .”

If you own a TV station you’re on Easy Street;

the gravy train is bringing you a monetary treat.

PAC’s and other sources from political campaigns

will see to it your advertising gives you luscious gains.

In Iowa especially, the troughs are full of swill;

you can charge a fortune when you’re toting up the bill.

The money poured into a single solitary ad

is enough to feed for years the folks in Trinidad.

The poor and needy multiply each year, as does the bread

of special int’rests who intend to get inside your head!

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