Donald Trump: I Am My Own Man, Unlike Bush, Walker or Clinton

(Based on an article in the Wall Street Journal)

OSKALOOSA, Iowa—Donald Trump claims there will be no ceiling on the amount of money he is willing to spend on his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination if his platform continues to resonate with the voters.

Speaking at a boisterous press conference following a pep rally in this city just east of Des Moines, The Donald also ripped into Republican rivals Jeb Bush and Scott Walker as well as Democrat Hillary Clinton with charges that they were in the pockets of wealthy donors.

Mr. Trump is a real-estate developer and something of a reality television personality, who has pretty much self-financed his campaign so far.


God bless you, Donald Trump, for making politics so fun.

Other windbags are too boring when they start to run.

Just keep on doing what you do, and if I get my druthers

you’ll be elected to clown alley at the Ringling Brothers!

donald trump