I think that I shall never see

a subject like polygamy

to stir the passions of the gals

who only want to be men’s ‘pals.’

You cannot bring the subject up

without the very bitter cup

passed from lips to lips, increasing

feminista rant unceasing.

I guess this verse will get me beat up

when the gals all start to Tweet up.

But as a bachelor immune,

I say to them ‘Go tell the Moon!’


The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

The Blackhawks hold the Stanley Cup until 12 months are gone;  

and then they’ll have to fight for it again with puck and brawn. 

What makes these fellows so intent on speeding cross the frost, 

 for such a homely trophy — with broke shins and teeth all lost?

Lord Stanley’s Mug doth represent the enterprise of old,

when men with sticks upon the ice defied the gloomy cold.

Today the game is played indoors, with heat and ventilation;

the only cold comes from the beer fans drink in moderation.