Climate Change

The more the nations of the world pretend that climate change

is top of their agenda, the more weather gets the mange.

Tornadoes in Alaska and monsoons in Utah rage;

drought in sub-Sahara does not even make front page.

The eggheads say extinction of plants and animals is looming

(While the fossil fuel cartel is casual and booming).

Ask the proud Punjabi to give up his motor bike,

and he will tell you softly to go take a lovely hike.

Tell the Chinese bizness man he must clean up his place,

and he will send you packing to the ends of outer space.

And NEVER tell Americans they have to stop their pigging;

you might as well tell shovels they no longer are for digging.

Just who is going to cut back on their carbon footprint, hey?

 Russians and the Japanese?  That’ll be the day . . .