Of all the bullies in the world

Of all the bullies in the world, the bureaucrat is worst;

he has no heart, he is not swayed by being blessed or cursed.

The rules and regulations are his only deity;

for breaking them, he’d strand his mother in the Bering Sea.

Once he sniffs transgression he will never give up hope

that somebody he tracks down will soon dangle from a rope.

The only way to beat him is to find a bureaucrat

with a bigger desk, who can order him to scat. 

The green flesh eaters.

The venus flytrap is a plant that Mother Nature made

I think when all her kindly wits had indubitably strayed.

Its gaping maw; its blood-red lips; its spikes malignant wait

for a fly or beetle to come in and meet its fate.

And pitcher plants that drown a bug or feast on dung of bat

are really not the type of thing you want inside your flat.

The fact is, I am nervous when too many plants intrude —

because I get the feeling they consider me as food.


Airline Price Gouging Investigated by Transportation Department

(Washington. July 24. 2015.)

The Transportation Department has decided to investigate alleged price gouging by 5 airlines after an Amtrak derailment in May, the second time recently that the Transportation Department has looked into the industry’s competitive practices.

The investigation is looking at the five biggest U.S. airlines: American Airlines Group Inc., United Continental Holdings Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., Southwest Airlines Co. and JetBlueAirways Corp.  The time period involved is immediately following the derailment in a Philadelphia suburb on May 12, which killed 8 persons and disrupted train service for several days along the bustling Northeast corridor. The Transportation Department will be looking into the prices on airfares in the Northeast corridor.

Secretary Anthony Foxx of the Transportation Department is quoted as saying they have authority to look into unfair trade practices by airlines, and to put a stop to any illegal price gouging.

(Wall Street Journal)


The Wright Brothers decided long before old Kitty Hawk

that they would gouge their customers, or leave ’em all to walk.

And so today the airlines carry on this fine tradition.

At finesseing customers, each one’s a great tactition. 

They do not fly with angel’s wings; on that I’ll lay good odds.

Whene’er I buy a ticket now I think they’re fiendish frauds!





Hypertension, narrow veins, a tendency to fatten;

all of these do indicate prescriptions for some statin.

I guess my doctor will include them in my pill-ventory

Big Pharma’s pegged us fat old men as just the perfect quarry.

from a story in the New York Times