Solar Power Politics

Four Objects

I put a solar power panel on my roof one day,
But my electric company said that it could not stay.
“We have to buy the excess you produce” they said to me,
“and that can lead to overloads and great uncertainty.”

I decided then and there that I’d go off the grid;
Who WERE those yahoos anyway to think they could forbid?
I ran my fridge and tv set, got hot water and lights
From my solar panels (tho it petered out at nights).

But very soon the FBI came knocking at my door;
They said twas un-American that the grid I should ignore.
Utilities paid taxes (and paid lobbyists) for real,
And if I didn’t get back on I’d go to the bastille.

So now I’m paying ‘lectric bills again, under duress;
It seems that ev’ry month a few more dollars they assess.
But someday soon the worm will turn, and their goldang cloud nine
Will all be blown away when I install a wind turbine!

from an article in the New York Times

O, Those Beautiful Women!



O I could love a woman’s nose or even her patella,

Could I caress her elbow I would be a lucky fella!

The problem is that pretty women seem to be addicted

To getting plastic surgery at rates quite unrestricted.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway


So when I see a gorgeous babe whose looks are so appealing

I never know if it is real or surgical annealing.

This doubt has cooled my ardor for the feminine mystique.

(Besides, my looks are anything but handsome or unique.)



Perhaps if I had surgery upon my homely mug

I could persuade a cutie to give me a friendly hug.

I fear however women still would treat me as a joke,

Since I am undeniably and continuously broke. 

based on a ridiculous post at TopNews2015

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman