China Threatens Jail Time for College Entrance Exam Cheaters

From the New York Times:

BEIJING — A cheater in China used to have it easy: His family might be subjected to a harsh scolding, and his exam results might be thrown out. Now, a student caught cheating could face a prison sentence.

As more than nine million students filed into testing centers on Tuesday to take the gaokao, the life-defining college entrance exam, officials made clear that they planned to enforce a new law making it a crime to cheat, punishable by up to seven years in jail.

I never took a good gaokao;

I never hope to see one.

But I can tell you anyhow

no purple cow could flee one!

Or . . .

A student who hailed from Shanghai

cheated on tests — by and by

they caught him, the mug;

now he’s in the jug.

examining aniline dye. 

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