Disney to Bring Back ‘Indiana Jones,’ With Harrison Ford


From the New York Times:  “Walt Disney Studios on Tuesday said that it would restart the “Indiana Jones” movie franchise, with Steven Spielberg again in the director’s chair and Harrison Ford reprising the title role. The fifth film in the adventure series will arrive in theaters on July 19, 2019.”

Old franchises, they never die nor do they fade away;

they live to resurrect themselves onscreen another day.

Harrison can’t rest in peace, cuz his old sclerotic bones

must once again play jackanapes as Indiana Jones.

Like Boris Karloff in a B-grade movie long ago

Disney does some awful things to make their life form grow.

“Indy Faces Lawrence Welk” or “Finds Methuselah’s Shawl”.

All the while he’s taking swigs of Tonic Geritol.

Nothing’s new beneath the sun King Solomon alleged;

but must each bird return to the same nest when it is fledged?

A new idea in Hollywood is rarer than a surgeon

who don’t go in for face-lifting (or perhaps a virgin).


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