Fears of Venezuela Default Grow Amid Drop in Oil Prices

From the Wall Street Journal:  “The plunge in the price of oil is causing more investors to bet that Venezuela will default on its $120 billion pile of foreign debt, an event that would trigger a messy battle over the country’s oil shipments and deepen its economic and political crisis.”

Down south in Venezuela, where the bolívar’s a joke,

the government’s pretending that it isn’t going broke.

But with oil prices descending like a decommissioned drone,

it won’t be very long before they’re stripped down to bare bone.

If Venezuela happens to owe you a bit of dough,

you’ll see it just as soon as you would see a live dodo.

Their banks are mausoleums and their stock exchange is hushed —

except for feeble cries from pale investors who are crushed.

At one time Venezuela looked to be a sure thing, but

when oil prices were soaring they began to preen and strut.

My daddy always taught me to beware of tropic fronds,

and always put my money into US Savings Bonds . . .

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