Five unknowns that could determine the winner in 2016

Gazing into crystal balls is not exactly science;

but how else are you gonna know who wins the Grand Alliance? 

When Trump takes all his marbles home and Carson needs an x-ray,

all bets are off, the polls collapse, and Vegas bets go am-scray.

If you speak Spanish there’s a chance you’ll get the Oval Office;

but not if you can’t show the voters you are not a novice.

No more Bushes, that’s for sure; we’ve had those shrubs already;

the pulse of those at caucus time I think will be quite thready . . . 

 Poor Hilary’s got emails that she cannot now outrun,

and Sanders seems intent on banning ev’rything that’s fun.

No Ouija board is any good; but my hopes I will fasten

on someone digging up the grave of good old Harold Stassen!  

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