Guns and Roses (and Seniors)


From the Wall Street Journal:  “The National Rifle Association says 22,739 people over 65 took basic firearm training courses from NRA-certified instructors in 2015, four times the number five years earlier.”


Lookout all you crooks and thieves, you scum who threaten geezers.

After we get through with you, they’ll pick you up with tweezers!

We’re packing heat and have no fear of you and your designs;

we’re walkin’, talkin’, shootin’, shakin’ seasoned porcupines!

We seniors have a right to arms, it’s in the Constitution;

even when they put us in a nursing institution!

The gun dealers, they love us, for we never purchase schlock;

but always buy good imports like Sig Sauer or a Glock.

Invade our homes, is that your plan? You think we are so frail?

(My god, I shot the mailman! I sure hope I can get bail . . . )

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