House passes Chaffetz bill to slash allowance for ex-presidents

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

“Former U.S. presidents who leave the White House to find a new, lucrative career on the speaking circuit, with best-selling books and in the corporate boardroom could see their taxpayer-funded allowance slashed under legislation by Rep. Jason Chaffetz that was approved Monday by the House.

Former presidents now earn a $200,000 annual salary — half of what they received in the White House — and an additional $200,000 allowance for setting up an office and other related costs.”

Pity the poor president who’s out of office, broke;

for him the daily struggle is most surely not a joke.

Wrapped in rags of cashmere to keep out the searching cold,

the Leader of the Free World has no longer any gold.

He panhandles at lectures, scribbles books for meager gains;

and all he gets is autograph requests for all his pains.

A humble little pension, a small stipend hardly bears

the cost of his loyal broker who invests in common shares.

Oh cruel Chaffetz, cannot you not relent and show some pity?

Let the grateful taxpayers feed the White House kitty!

We don’t mind the cost of giving them a fountain pen;

as long as they behave themselves and do not run again.

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