In Hong Kong, Frost Chasers Seek the Thrill of the Chill

From the Wall Street Journal:

“As blizzards and ice storms pummel cities from New York to Hangzhou, Hong Kong—a place where residents rarely need to break out the fleece—is thrilling over its own extreme-weather phenomenon: frost.

A cold front across east Asia has brought thousands of Hong Kong frost-hunters to the city’s peaks during recent nights. The chill-seekers are hoping to see ice-rimmed leaves, sleet or even snow—many for the first time ever.”

If you’d really like some chilblains, oh ye people of Hong Kong —

just come to Minnesota, where the winter’s nine months long!

You can thrill to wind chills that go down way past the zero,

and freeze your tuchus off as a bold ice fishing  hero.

Watch icicles impale unwary walkers in a rush,

or stand upon a street corner and try to dodge the slush.

Your nose will turn to blue as you admire an ice palace;

if you survive you just might catch Aurora Borealis.

Or better yet, don’t bother coming out to this outpost —

I’ll send you a large snowball via U.S. parcel post.

The grass is always greener and the weather more extreme

here in Minnesota, where a thaw is just a dream . . .



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