I’ve heard of eating crow, but this is ridiculous!


From US News & World Report:

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are wondering whether gut bacteria from skinny people could help curb obesity in others. 

A new clinical trial — which is not yet open to participants — will study the effects of gut microbes from lean, metabolically healthy donors on the bodies of people with obesity and/or insulin sensitivity.

To get the microbes from one person to the other, scientists will freeze the feces from donors and case the material into pills, to be taken orally by the subjects.


I may be fat, with double chins that wobble when they’re wrung —

but there is not the slightest chance I’ll swallow any dung.

I don’t care if it can make me lighter than fine tulle —

Hell will welcome penguins long before I welcome stool.

It’s not that I don’t honor someone like the great Pasteur

as a fine researcher — but did he propose manure

to combat dread diseases like obesity or pox?

The very notion would produce abundant Gallic squawks!

The eggheads who propose this little gambit with our poop

have got the protozoa as their only true peer group . . .



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