Michelle Obama’s Sleeveless Sheath

And she has been the most high-profile cheerleader for the sleeveless sheath as the 21st-century power uniform. “It’s been accepted everywhere,” says designer Maria Pinto, who created many of Obama’s 2008 campaign dresses, including the purple sheath she wore when she fist-bumped the presumptive Democratic nominee. “You don’t have to be in a suit. There’s other ways to get that power look.”   WaPo

Power to the people through the sheath Michelle has worn!

Whether purple or magenta it puts bashfulness to scorn.

No suit of pinstripe ever glowed with power so supreme;

it’s ev’ry woman’s birthright and alluring fashion dream.

Authority will emanate from any tailored sheath

and keep the menfolk captive as they grind upon their teeth! 



Bonus:  Playing with Clinkers.  http://bit.ly/2gkkQ9O



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