Oil Settles Below $28 a Barrel

captain bligh

The man was going door to door, selling kegs of oil;

ev’ry door was slammed on him like he was a gargoyle.

“Won’t you buy some oil today?” he pleaded poignantly.

“My daughter’s getting married and my wife needs surgery!”

“I’ll let this barrel go for such a little bit of cash;

I don’t mind subsisting on baloney and fried hash!” 

But no one wanted crude oil, not at any price at all.

The world was glutted with the stuff, despite OPEC’s cabal. 

And yet the price of gasoline remained above the clouds;

and this injustice animated large and ugly crowds.

As the man trudged wearily back to his hovel home,

the mob descended on him and sent him to catacomb.

Oil may be as cheap as talk, but if our gas stays high

we’re likely to treat Shell and others as did Captain Bligh! 

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