On the Streets of Manhattan


From the Wall Street Journal:  “Little-known fact: You can earn $45 an hour distributing fliers on the streets of Manhattan.”

On the streets of Manhattan the fliers are handed

by actors and models who clearly are stranded;

their artistic tempers demand a perfection

that makes them for this job the perfect selection.

They may try some Hamlet or dance to a salsa;

perhaps they will carve puppets made out of balsa.

Passing out fliers might seem a tough job,

when you’re in Manhattan with such a rude mob.

But artists and models do not know of fear

(not when it comes to their burgers and beer).

Would I take a flier from one of these types

who likely are playing so loud on bagpipes?

Perhaps if they’re pretty, and give me a smile.

(Heck, for a kiss I would take the whole pile!)



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