Visit Myanmar’s Capital Now! There’s Still a Lot Not to See

“The whole point of Naypyitaw (official Capital of Myanmar) is that there’s nothing here,” said Marsha Lambert, 58, from San Diego, who stopped by with her husband on a drive from Yangon toward sites further north, “just these big blocky buildings and empty roads.”


When visiting vast Naypyitaw

there’s nothing to do or to show.

Museums are shut,

there’s no traffic glut:

A city that’s built upon “Whoa”. 


Bonus:  Annual Christmas Poem.



My Annual Christmas Poem. 2016.

From a headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Workers push for $15 an hour wages at Eden Prairie Kohl’s; locked out


The frost lay thick upon the ground as janitors collected

To ask for living wages, but their plea was full rejected.

The big box overseers sneered to hear their frank request,

Replying that twas folly or some socialistic jest.

“Begone!” they cried from ergonomic thrones inlaid with gold.

“Get back to work and starve until you’re tired, sick, and old!”

They sent the bailiffs out to scatter all the frozen seekers,

Sent the dogs to bite them and to pee upon their sneakers.

Oh, such a sight would rend the heart of any civil soul,

Would bring a tear to Trump himself or any other troll.

The heedless wind blew cold and cruel upon the drifting crowd,

As through the slush and unraked leaves they trod with heads all bowed.

But just when all was darkest and the fifteen dollar wage

Looked to be forgotten like the vanished Vaudeville stage,

An ornament from out the skies came sparkling down, its light

So brilliant that it turned away the murkiness of night.

And in that light the wondering mob beheld a fairy being,

So sleek and svelte and richly clad she ought to be out skiing.

This figure lithesome stepped out to address the workers, and

She smiled upon them lovingly, her skin quite nicely tanned:

“I am the fairy godmother of causes lost and vain”

“I come to you from my vacation back in sunny Spain!”

“Your pleas have been recorded and your suffering wrote down”

“Your wishes shall be granted — there’s no need to wear a frown!”

The crowd was dazzled greatly, and they sent up a great cheer,

Which all the plutocrats in all the box stores had to hear.

Those villains knew when they were licked; they opened up the vaults

To give the workers money (then they took to smelling salts).

May all your wishes like the marching janitors’ come true;

And may your fairy godmother from Spain come visit you —

Bringing justice and a yuletide blessing of good news

(which will include the paying of outrageous union dues)



No Grinches Need Apply!

“If I become president, we’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again, that I can tell you.”   Donald Trump.

From the Wall Street Journal

If you do not say it, he’s pissed;

And you will be dropped from his list.

So come Xmas day

No toys come your way,

But only a coal-colored fist!



Teachers Rework Lesson Plans After Donald Trump’s Election

Textbooks have yet to catch up to one of the most contentious presidential elections in modern history. Lesson plans are being created on the fly, from the coal country in West Virginia to the Bay Area of California.    WSJ 

When Johnny found out who was Chief

his in’trest was thoroughly brief.

He said to his Teach

“If they should impeach,”

“we’ll just get another darn thief!” 


Bonus:  Of circuses & spiders.  

Schoolboy wearing dunce cap


Jill Stein Says Her Campaign Raised Funds for Recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON—Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said that her campaign has raised enough money to file requests for vote recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, after a prominent computer scientist called for paper ballots to be examined to prove the results hadn’t been manipulated by hackers.    WSJ

A dog in the manger is she

to meddle with vote registry.

The conflict is done,

but she thinks it’s fun

to wallow in useless debris. 


Bonus:  I lived in a homeless shelter.


Only a fool or a youth

No one I know writes candid emails anymore. No one I know is unaware that he or she shares a computer with the Chinese and the Russians. “The Chinese are in your business,” Google’s Eric Schmidt told a group of businessmen not too long ago. The more prudent among us have deleted emails from way back. Now the record is what we say it is. The only thing truly transparent will be our lack of candor.

from the Washington Post 

Only a fool or a youth

will hang out the entire truth.

Our backstories must 

conceal or combust — 

we all dread the glib cyber sleuth. 


Michelle Obama’s Sleeveless Sheath

And she has been the most high-profile cheerleader for the sleeveless sheath as the 21st-century power uniform. “It’s been accepted everywhere,” says designer Maria Pinto, who created many of Obama’s 2008 campaign dresses, including the purple sheath she wore when she fist-bumped the presumptive Democratic nominee. “You don’t have to be in a suit. There’s other ways to get that power look.”   WaPo

Power to the people through the sheath Michelle has worn!

Whether purple or magenta it puts bashfulness to scorn.

No suit of pinstripe ever glowed with power so supreme;

it’s ev’ry woman’s birthright and alluring fashion dream.

Authority will emanate from any tailored sheath

and keep the menfolk captive as they grind upon their teeth! 



Bonus:  Playing with Clinkers.



Thin Rank of Donors May Contend for Top Posts With Donald Trump

In modern elections, presidential nominees have been surrounded by scores of fundraisers who have logged years of steadfast support. If their candidate won, they often got their pick of prominent positions in the administration or an ambassadorship.

from the Wall Street Journal

Supporters of Trump take the plums

for having donated large sums.

If they’re as fluky

as Trump — that is spooky;

we’d all better stock up on Tums. 


Bonus:  Cure for the Common Cold.

Majority of U.S. adults think news media should not add interpretation to the facts

A majority of U.S. adults (59%) reject the idea of adding interpretation, saying that the news media should present the facts alone, a recent Pew Research Center survey found. Four-in-ten favor adding some interpretation to the facts. The survey of 4,132 adults on the Center’s nationally representative American Trends Panel was conducted Sept. 27-Oct. 10, before Election Day.

from the Pew Research Center 

The views of a journalist ain’t

wanted — so use some restraint;

when writing the news

kill all of your views.

They’re simply too smarmy and quaint. 

Bonus:  The History of Clown White.


Donald Trump Won’t Push for Investigations of Hillary Clinton, Aide Says

WASHINGTON—President-elect Donald Trump won’t push for prosecutors to investigate Hillary Clinton for her email practices or the operations of the Clinton Foundation, a top aide said Tuesday.  WSJ  

The Trump and the Clint are okay;

there’ll be no inquiries today.

Each knows there’s enough

on both to be rough

if anyone gives things away. 


Bonus:  The Beggar of Bangkok.