From the Wall Street Journal:

“Showing up at work in pajamas is a recurrent theme in many nightmares, so why do man-style PJs keep appearing on red carpets and streetwear blogs? The fashion industry seems bent on killing every taboo in the pursuit of newness.

Still, this is one crazy trend that has legs (literally). More chic than yoga wear and just as forgiving, pajamas are surprisingly versatile and can make sense as day wear or formal wear.”


To lounge about in pj’s and a funky old bathrobe

makes of life a pleasure on this hustle-bustle globe.

No restricting collars or tight belts around the waist;

add some bunny slippers for the ultimate good taste.

My jams and I go ev’rywhere, pure flannel with green stripes;

it carries all the subtly of loudly-played bagpipes.

I hear that Gucci’s aping me, and bringing out a line

of jammies for the Jet Set that they wear while sipping wine.

If all the world wore pj’s in the daytime, then just think

how comfortable we all could be and much less out of sync!



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