Phone Scams

From the Wall Street Journal:

Authorities are fighting a scourge of phone crime enabled by cheap technology that blasts out nefarious calls and hides wrongdoers’ whereabouts. The scammers are heavily targeting the elderly, sparking a push in Congress to fight back.

Callers often pose as cash-strapped grandchildren, tax collectors or providers of technical support.

My grandchildren would never call to ask for cash by phone;

instead they know I might call them for an ad hoc loan.

The IRS and I have gone a few rounds in the past;

I call them quite often, so they feel a bit harassed.

As for tech support, I would not talk to such a squirt;

anyone with jargon I will treat like poisoned dirt.

I’m too wise and foxy to be fooled by simple talk.

(Though Amazon oft tricks me with an offering of schlock)


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