Reflections on the Minimum Wage.

This could be you in a few weeks!

guess I never could maintain a franchise with success,

Since underpaying workers would give me a lot of stress.

It’s not that I’m an angel, heaven-sent to make folks rich;

It’s just that I’m a lazy good-for-nothing son of a bitch.


Underpaying workers on a constant basis means

A slew of lawyers and accountants picking my blue jeans.

For poor folks are so hard to manage if you cannot prove

That you are also slogging in that awful selfsame groove.


I’d have to go to meetings and make charities a must;

I’d have to slave like anything to earn my paupers’ trust.

I’d rather not create a bunch of jobs that keep men poor,

And give the world excuses to build another dollar store.

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