Sandman Goes on Strike Against Americans!


From the Wall Street Journal:

“It is no surprise that many Americans don’t get enough sleep. Now, new government data reveal who the sleep-deprived are and where they live.

Hawaii, the southeastern U.S. and states along the Appalachian Mountains have the lowest percentages of adults who get enough shut-eye, while South Dakota and other Great Plains states are the nation’s most well-rested region, according to a report released on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The CDC reports that in Hawaii people lack

their full 8 hours snoozing in the equatorial sack.

Ditto Appalachia and Confederate domains,

where the Sandman’s skimping on his pacifying grains.

Unemployed or single or bereft of a degree

also will increase your lack of sleep, my chickadee.

Less than 7 hours sleep is linked to pleasantries

like stoutness, a bum ticker, and even diabetes. 

I’d like to think this poem will help to cure that botheration,

by being so tedious it will inspire hibernation! 


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