Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President

Said Tweedle-dum to Tweedle-dee, “I think I shall endorse you!”

Said Tweedle-dee to Tweedle-dum “I hope I didn’t force you!”

They went out for some pizza and to sign a book deal, too;

they showed up on the boob tube as a sort of rendezvous.

Tweedle-dum to Iowa will go and stir up voters;

in Ames she will attempt to run her mouth like outboard motors.

When Mr. Cruz found out that she had Tweedled him amain,

he said they still would be best friends, although he felt some pain.

The People of the Tea Cup also felt a bit confused

that Tweedle-dum deserted them while they all softly snoozed.

But never mind the details, for when great minds think alike

it isn’t long before the nation’s logic takes a hike.


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