Are You Looking for a Chance to Travel & Work in Dubai?


(Editor’s Note: Our good friend, Toto Johnson, a professional circus clown, has just posted the following on his Facebook page.  We thought it interesting enough to repost here.  It is a LEGITIMATE job offer!)


“Hey…remember that gig in Dubai that was brought up awhile back? Well…I got a lengthy email about it from Martin D’Souza today. He is the producer of the clown festivals in India that me, Greg Parks, Joe Vecciarelli, etc have gone to. He has 11 clowns booked out of the 20 spaces available. I cannot do it because they are not willing to split up the time frame…which runs December 28-February 1. I could do 2 weeks but not the whole month but the government in Dubai has only allowed 20 visas for the event so all the clowns involved must go for the full time.

If anyone wants to throw their hat in the ring you can contact Martin at…”