The Super Bowl Party

super bowl snack

The Super Bowl means gluttony upon a massive scale;

my guests will want more beer and chips and dip — not any kale.

Anything that’s wrapped in bacon will be gobbled quickly.

Appetites at half-time will be very far from sickly.

The roasted almonds and the cheese balls must remain intact,

at least until the sandwiches are collated and stacked.

This year will it be Lays or Old Dutch chips — I must decide;

if I get the off brand I just may injure someone’s pride.

Little Smokies in a piquant sauce are sure a must.

Donuts by the dozens laced with powdered sugar dust.

 Car’mel popcorn and a keg of Budweiser to slake

the thirst of hoards of people while brined turkey I will bake.

The fact is with each platter being licked until it’s clean,

I seriously doubt I really need a TV screen!  

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