Trophy Hunting’s Unlikely Boom

From the Wall Street Journal:  “After decades of declines in the number of American hunters, their ranks have inched up this century, according to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service surveys. But unlike a half century ago, when most hunters made do with rabbits, squirrels and birds, today’s growth is being fueled by one segment in particular: Big game. Especially popular are high-end guided hunts like the 10-day, $32,000-plus pursuit of moose and grizzly . . .”

These kind of articles drive me up the wall, especially after spending a fruitless afternoon looking for change under my couch cushions and debating whether or not to go down to Skid Row to sell my blood plasma.

Who the hell has $32 thousand dollars to throw away on hunting a smelly old moose or some paranoid grizzly bear that’s liable to tear you into confetti?

My conclusion is both inevitable and cliched:  Some people just have too much money.

Sic ’em, Bernie Sanders!

Daniel Boone is oscillating in his grave somewhere,

when he hears about the price to hunt a grizzly bear.

A moose would cost him more than all the gold he ever made;

he might as well go hunting for a rarefied mermaid . . .   

These big shot hunters who think they’re the Terminator type

ought to pay good money for the chance to hunt some snipe.

If I want a trophy for my wall or for my den,

I think I’d go a-hunting for some Enron businessmen! 

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