Wall Street Journal’s Mark Maremont calls Limerick “Beyond the Pale”

Not everyone enjoys my limericks.

Some people object when the opinion I express in my compressed verse is offensive to them. And they certainly have every right to do so.

Such is the case with Mark Maremont, a senior editor with the Wall Street Journal. He has emailed me on several occasions to say he’s enjoyed my limericks. But today, on receipt of my latest creation, his reaction was much different.

First, here’s the limerick in question:

At Facebook they have engineers

to shape all our views and our fears. 

Algorithms they use

to distort all the news;

Herr Goebbels would give them three cheers.

And now, unedited and verbatim, here is Mr. Maremont’s email response to me:

Tim — 

I appreciate the usual humor, but comparing Facebook with the Nazis seems beyond the pale.
Could you take me off your email list?
Naturally, I will not be sharing my poetic muse with him any more.
At first I was distressed to think that something as inconsequential as a limerick could disturb anyone so much. But, after mature consideration, I’m rather thrilled to think my verse has had so much impact — even if it’s negative impact. I find Moremont’s reaction a pleasant vindication of my work.
I’ve also posted limericks on North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, and the Prophet Muhammad — so I’m wondering if some assassins are even now working their murderous way to my Senior Citizen apartment building to bump me off.
Just think, I might go down in history as:



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