Your New Warehouse.

Picking the appropriate structure for your new warehouse is a make-or-break proposition. Should the building function poorly, it’s an automatic barrier to your business success. And should the location be inconvenient the time wasted in superfluous travel and shipping can also be horrendous. It just makes sense to consider every one of your major needs before the site is selected.

Your Fishbowl experts at Brandow Consultants can be valuable assistants to your quest for the perfect site. They’ve got the experience, expertise, and connections to insure you don’t look back with any regrets once your new warehouse is up and running, and your warehouse management and inventory management will flow as smooth as silk.

Consider the needs of your business

First and foremost, look to your business needs. With manufacturing, you’ll need to locate a structure in the appropriately zoned area. Also, how feasible will delivery be, along with an effective shipment plan, and the efficient flow of internal space for things like packaging and storage? You can’t ask too many question prior to beginning.

Location. Location. Location.

Customer demographics are your first consideration when it comes to location. Where is your target market located? Is it in a centralized area, or widely dispersed? Getting your warehouse as close as possible to your customers is, of course, very desirable. Consider as well your warehouse’s proximity to trucking facilities. Whittling down the distance your inventory has to travel is a guaranteed time and money saver.

Easy access. 

How much business could you lose if your building is hard to find? Or inconvenient? Think about the available parking, amenities close-by, delivery portals, the area demographics, etc. Make sure the warehouse itself is up to code; get those inspectors out there pronto, partner!

How much?

Cost overrides are not always easy to foresee and overcome, but you’ve got to make the effort from the get-go.

It’s a deciding factor in all cases. You may have a great location, but if you go bankrupt from the expensive of erecting it, what’s the good? Don’t forget about insurance, IT installation and future upgrades when picking the spot.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you need to consider in order to choose the right warehouse building. Time spent in pre-planning before the first shovelful of earth is moved will pay many dividends in the long run. Remember what carpenters say: Measure twice, cut once. 

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